Frequently Asked Questions - Selecting Organization Contacts

We reserve the right to mutually select with you, our marketing contact(s) at your organization.

[Choose your contacts] Whether you are a business or a non-profit organization, we work best with a single point of contact. Otherwise it can get confusing if we get conflicting requests, or requests with different priorities. It helps you to have one person in your organization to go to and see what we are working on. It also takes time and work for the organization's marketing coordinator to understand what we do and what we don't do, the timing of work, and how an ad agency creative works versus an employee.

In cases where multiple contacts are required from an organization, we reserve the right to mutually select with you, our contact(s). If an organization values the services we provide, they will respect our request to honor those boundaries. Repeated communication regarding work from non-approved contacts in your organization can lead to changes in our prices, and in serious cases, we may request for the organization to select another vendor for managing their marketing.

Thanks for understanding, and thank you for your business.