Frequently Asked Questions - Why Does Email Get Marked as Spam?

Why does email get marked as spam?

Frequent emailings to the same list. Some mail systems / administrators can flag frequent emails to the same list. As a rule, we try not to send more than one email a day per list.

Recipients forget to "white list" the senders email address. If you wish to receive emails from a list server, be sure to add the sender's email addresses to your address book, or "white list" - meaning approved sender list - if your email system has that. We send email with the prefix no_reply@ followed by the list domain name. For example -,,, or Please add those to your address book and / or white list.

Mail systems / administrators don't like a particular email's content. Some mail systems / administrators can flag some element of an email message as being spam, and then flag the entire message as spam. Perhaps a banner ad accompanying a message is getting flagged, or they don't like a link associated with the message.

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What are solutions?

Daily checking of your spam folder. We know it's not fun, but as a good practice, we suggest that you check periodically to see if you have missed any valid email messages that were flagged incorrectly by your mail system.

Provide another email address from a different domain. So if cannot receive email, then the domain may be blocking email. Try a backup email address with the free Gmail, Yahoo, or Microsoft Live.

Ask your ISP to discontinue blocking. You can send an email to your ISP support team with the following example:

Dear Customer Support

My name is _________ and I am a current customer. You use spam filters to protect customers from spam and unsolicited email. In this case, I am unable to receive notifications that I would like to receive using this email address. Baywalk Marketing is sending this messages, and they are not an open relay, and they have anti-spam policies in place.

I ask that you please help me determine why these emails are being blocked. For further information about Baywalk Marketing, please call them at (800) 927-8841.

Thank you
your name