Frequently Asked Questions - Using Mail Settings For Webmail

When I type in, it sends me to what looks like another website on your server. Is this a mix up?
No, everything is fine. You need to go to  (of course, using your domain name and not is a POP3 email setting for an email client program like Outlook Express, Outlook, or Thunderbird. If you try to enter in your web browser, it will look up an IP address on the server, and it may select any website we are hosting (unless you have purchased a dedicated IP address).

What is a simplified defintion of an IP address:
Wikipedia and many other sources have detailed explanations for an IP address. For simplified purposes, you can think of an IP address is an identifier for a computer or device on the Internet, written as four numbers separated by periods. For example, is an IP address. Domain names that are easy for humans to remember, like, translate into IP addresses when web searches go out into the Internet.