Frequently Asked Questions - Transferring Domains Purchased From Our Clients

I purchased a subsidiary, a website, or domains from one of your clients. What do I need to do to get the domains transferred?

Transfer Domains Instructions

  1. If you don't have a free GoDaddy account yet, please go to and create one.
  2. Have our customer e-mail us (not call on the phone) the exact company (or companies) being sold, and the company domain names being transferred to you. If our customer doesn't have a list of all the domains, they can simply request that all domains associated with the company sale be transferred to you.
  3. Please e-mail us your GoDaddy account number.
  4. Please e-mail us the administrative e-mail you use for GoDaddy.
  5. We transfer the domains to your GoDaddy account number and confirm the transfer with you and the previous owner.

Can we keep the site with you? Are there any costs to keep the sites with you unchanged?

Yes, we welcome your business. — You would just pay the monthly web hosting fee of $34.95 per domain. Please add your credit card information under the My Account menu tab.

Can you do some updates for me?

Yes, we welcome your business. — After the sale has closed and domains are transferred to you, please add your credit card information under the My Account menu tab. Updates are $25 per 15 minutes for work. Drop-down menu updates and text changes are simple, and generally $25 - $50 per request. Graphic changes involve our graphic artist and normally range in $75 - $100 per modification request. New work will be quoted based on the request.

Thank you for considering Baywalk Marketing to help you with your online marketing and websites. We look forward to helping you, and we welcome you as a new customer!

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