Frequently Asked Questions - Shopping Cart

[FAQ - Shopping Cart] What shopping cart do you recommend to sell items, services, or event tickets on our website?

Since 1999, we have used Mal's E-Commerce cart. It's free to start with a manual cart - you get notified by e-mail when someone orders. Then you login, get the card information, and process it on your website or credit card terminal. Please explore to learn more.

If business gets busier, you can switch to a paid cart that processes cards automatically and puts the money in your checking account.

What's a basic overview of the process?

  1. The organization determines what they want to sell, for what price, and shipping costs if any.
  2. The organization determines who will receive notifications of orders and who will process the credit cards and handle order fulfillment.
  3. A free manual Mal's E-Commerce Cart is setup and integrated to the website.
  4. If business grows, and an automatic cart is desired:
    1. Upgrade to the paid Mal's cart - currently at $8 per month
    2. Use PayPal or a third-party payment gateway like to take funds stored in the cart and transfer them automatically to your accounts. (Some processors may do both.) See a list of supported processors on Mal's site.

Do you have examples of how other sites implement Mal's E-Commerce Cart on their shop or donate page?

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