Frequently Asked Questions - Sending Big Files

What is the best way to send you large files such as photos, music/audio, videos, newsletters, Flash files, etcetera?
Recently, we have been using the free file upload server, which let's you upload files up to 2 gigabytes for free. They are reviewed positively on CNET in this review (which includes other uploading services) —


Should I send each file separately?
No. Ideally you would compress all the files in a compressed zip archive file that is less than the limit of the free uploading service. Currently that is 2 gigabytes. Note, many of the services have reasonable paid options that will allow you to upload much larger files and keep them there for a longer time period.

For example, if you are sending us pictures, and if each photograph is about 5 megabytes in size, then you should be able to zip about 400 and still be well within the 2 gigabyte limit.

What about video files?
You should zip video files too.

What format and size should the video be in?
See FAQ - Video Submissions.