Frequently Asked Questions - Photograph Submissions

What is the best way to send you large photos (or videos, newsletters, etcetera)?

We recommend the free file upload services or They make it easy to upload large files and not clog your recipient's email inbox.

Should I send each photo separately?

No. Ideally you would compress all the photos (or videos) in a compressed zip archive file that is less than 100 megabytes in size. Currently 100 megabytes is the limit of the free upload services. Note, they have very reasonable paid options that will allow you to upload much larger files and keep them there for a longer time period.

So if each photograph is about 1 megabyte in size, then you should be able to zip more than 100 and still be well within the 100 megabyte limit.

Who do you recommend for stock images, whether photographs of people or objects?

We recommend the very reasonable and the more expensive

What size and format do you want for photographs?

We want the largest originals possible, in either EPS or JPG format. We do not want the raw image file, though you may wish to have that for your archives. If your photographer took the photos with a modern digital camera, then send us the best quality.

Why do you want large photographs?

We may want to do the following:

  • Crop for general best fit use.
  • Zoom in on one particular person, face, or object.
  • Create a flyer with photos for print, as well as PDF versions on the website.
  • Work with graphic artists to create a poster (think festival posters or banners).
  • Create newsletters for print, as well as PDF versions on the website.
  • Engrave testimonial plaques.
  • Keep originals for the clients.

My photographer is worried about "losing control" of the photographs what should I do?

If the photographer donated his or her time, then that is legitimate concern. However, if you paid the photographer, then the photos should be yours, including the high quality originals. Ideally you would receive a CD or DVD of all the originals unedited, and another CD or DVD of the originals that were color balanced, brightness/contrast corrected, red-eye fixed, and raw image files if desired. It is reasonable to pay the photographer for these services.

If the photographer will not release the photos to you, that may be a good indicator to find another photographer who will gladly provide everything in digital format.

All I have are these thumbnail, watermarked, pixelated, low 72dpi resolution, or otherwise limited versions of photographs. Will you call the photographer to get better versions?

No. If your photographer hasn't provided you excellent originals to begin with, and you are the client, he or she is less likely to do so upon our request. We won't argue with your photographer. We will wait for you to give us the high quality originals before we create the photo galleries.

What can I do now?

Start on the next step with the photographer. Request the following:
  • The unedited high quality originals in EPS or JPG format (and raw image files if desired) burned on a CD or DVD.
  • The edited color balanced, brightness/contrast corrected, red-eye fixed, high quality photos on a CD or DVD.
  • Any physical copies that you may want — 4" x 6", 5" x 7", etcetera.
  • Request past work be submitted for your archives in both edited and unedited formats. It is reasonable to pay the photographer for the time and effort to prepare photos, do the editing, and burn CDs or DVDs.

This seems like a hassle what's happening?

In the merging of all media types with the web photographs, sound, and video; traditionally distinct areas or artists have had to change the way they work. In a short time, your photographer should realize that he or she will get much more exposure (and hopefully more business) on your website than is gained by hampering access to the photos.

Sometimes there is a delay in the photographer's receptivity. In those cases, we have to move forward without the photographs.

We reserve the right to have you manage your third party vendors directly. In those cases, we will only accept media and content from you directly, and not your third party vendors. Thanks for understanding.