Frequently Asked Questions - Managing a Mailman E-Mail List Server

[Managing a Mailman E-Mail List Server] After you setup the Mailman e-mail list server, how do we manage it?

The process involves four (4) steps.

  1. Build your list - add members.
  2. Send an e-mail message to your list.
  3. Approve the moderated (held) message to authorize it to go to the list.
  4. Periodically update the list to add new people and remove non-working e-mail addresses.
[Bullet] Please see our instruction manual: Managing a Mailman E-Mail List Server (0.2 Megabytes in Adobe PDF format)

Our non-profit organization had a member pass away. Do you have any suggestions for how to communicate that to the list?

Yes. We suggest always including the deceased person's name in the subject line. Examples include: "John Doe death notice" or "Jane Doe obituary". Otherwise you may cause undue concern to your recipients. If your list message just says "Death notice" or "Obituary", the recipient's smart phone may not display the body of the e-mail for a few moments, and that can be stressful.

For Greek Americans and philhellenes (non-Greeks including spouses) who are family members and friends of the Greeks and Greek culture, we also offer our Greek Obituary service. It is a reasonable cost alternative compared to local newspapers, and allows for full tribute comments. Please see for more information.