Frequently Asked Questions - Domain Name Management

We manage 99% of our clients domains in a central GoDaddy account. This is an industry standard practice that focuses on customers not losing domains to negligence or predatory registrars sending fake invoices to induce domain transferring. In addition, we also have a dedicated GoDaddy Executive Account manager who can handle priorities and emergencies if they arise.
— Dean Tripodes
Baywalk Marketing

Take a look at advantages to keeping domains under our GoDaddy account.

  1. Protect Your Domain Names. We protect domain names including monitoring scams and rip-off Domain Slamming.

    Don't lose your domain name to unethical predators. Have you received "fake" invoices which are actually domain name transfer forms? Forged emails that look like real invoices are a problem for clients who don't deal with domains on an everyday basis are a serious problem. We will be your administrative contact so that domain renewals are managed and you won't lose your names due to an expiring credit card or a forged email.

    Wikipedia's article on Domain Slamming. Note the article references that sued Domain Registry of America (aka "Domain Renewal Group"), claiming the company illegally lured away thousands of customers by tricking them into transferring their domains. We had several clients receive those fake invoices, and one lost hundreds of dollars by renewing a fake bill.

    Judge Halts Domain DeceptionDomain Registry of America is accused of tricking's customers into switching services. Article by Stephen Lawson, IDG News.

  2. Manage Your Domain Names. We manage domain names including DNS changes, registrations, renewals, and transfers.

    We manage DNS changes for updates including Google Apps and third-party email services that require DNS MX Record changes.

    Have you received an email asking for ICANN verification? We handle the ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) request that all domain administrators or registrants review domain name contact data annually, and make any changes necessary to ensure accuracy.

  3. Longevity. We have been in the retail website design business since 1998.

    How many people in your organization have been there since 1998? We have! We provide continuity from changes in employees and volunteers. We have had many examples of clients losing domains due to negligence. i.e. An email wasn't monitored, an employee or volunteer left, disgruntled staff letting domains expire, a credit card expired, a credit card was cancelled, and many, many more reasons.

  4. Helping those who lost their domain names.
    [Baywalk Domains - Helping with Lost Domains] We always try to help those who have lost domains with live websites with real content. With our companion business, Baywalk Domains, we are frequently checking the pending deletion domain lists.

    If forgetting domain name renewals and managing your account is a hassle for you, let us manage your domains. We have experience consolidating domains with multiple registrars across the globe. You can be confident that we have successfully managed domains for hundreds of clients since 1998.

Your domains belong to you, and you may request your own GoDaddy account at any time. If you self-manage your domains, you are responsible for any lost domains through expiration, negligence, fraudulent transfer invoices, or any other reason. Attempted restoration of lost domains is not covered under maintenance, and has no guarantee of success.