Frequently Asked Questions - Audio Submissions

Do you have audio standards?

We are working on audio standards now with an audio professional. Currently streaming video and audio have the practical issue of varying volumes — too loud or too soft in comparison to other media on the same website (annoying and distracting) or on the Internet at large (i.e. YouTube). Wikipedia has an explanation of MP3 file compression here which may assist in explaining the audio file format.

An interesting explanation on why sound is getting louder at:

The reason we are in this mess is basically radio ... Every record executive wants their mix to sound "hot" on the radio... they want it to sound like it has more "punch" or "impact" than the next guys - so that people will buy the record. So, they tell that to the mastering engineers...and what do the engineers do? They use dynamics processing (compression, limiting, etcetera) and squeeze everything up into the top 1 or 2 dB. this makes the whole thing louder... "hotter" - at the same time it ruins the musical feeling.