Frequently Asked Questions - Are You Our Customer?

Thank you for visiting Baywalk Marketing.

Our legacy web design business has evolved from a retail website customer focus in 1998, to only doing websites as part of a marketing campaign. We recommend that all prospects first attempt to try a free template site like those from WordPress, Wix, and Weebly.

— Dean Tripodes
Baywalk Marketing

First, please review our portfolio to see if you like the style of sites we typically create:

Please visit our portfolio first to see if you like the style of our websites. Sometime seeing other examples is enough for you to decide whether or not our design style meets your requirements.

The typical problems we solve:

Long term management of new content for non-profit and small business websites. We manage daily, weekly, and monthly data changes for clients. It's part of our core competency and we have a variety of monthly maintenance plans.

[What we do]

We offer ease of use and great navigability in websites. Our sites are easy to navigate with JavaScript based drop-down menus that we can quickly and easily change to meet your needs. We can easily make a 100+ page website approachable for your visitors.

Create custom online HTML / PHP forms, from simple "contact us" forms, to complex registration forms with custom calculations or estimators. All our forms notify as many recipients as you wish, as well as having the option to send a "receipt" to the person submitting the form.

Customizable shopping carts for fixed items (normally less than 25 items) that can be processed manually for free through your merchant processor, or a paid automatic cart (like through that sends orders to your merchant processor. We tend to do carts for online registrations, non-profit donations, or payments for specific items.

Church websites and associated cultural festival websites. See for our church helper website.

Integration with social networks as appropriate.

Professional graphic artist services to create most any custom graphic element; from mastheads, landing pages, footers, buttons, and more.

Professional audio editing services to edit streaming audio.

[What we don't do] What we don't do:

  • Websites that are not part of a marketing campaign. Marketing campaigns include creating digital or print advertisements, social media, and publication / distribution.
  • Websites with budgets less than $2,000 for the development.
  • Websites without budgets for web hosting and account management.
  • First time websites without a 60% deposit.
  • Large retail e-commerce sites with greater than 25 products.
  • Database driven websites.
  • WordPress, Wix, or any template / blog websites.
  • User login sections. (We can add a username and password to protect any directory of a website.)
  • Split work with other developers and programmers, either front end or back end. (We do work with other graphic artists, including if you already have existing art, logos, and graphics for your website.
  • Work with consultants who are intermediaries between their customer and the web developer. We take ownership of the client experience, including the marketing, billing, and customer satisfaction.
  • We don't offer help desk support on PC's, Mac's, smart phones, or any Internet connected devices.
  • We don't offer e-mail — we encourage all customers to use a third-party like GoDaddy or Google's gmail for e-mail and webmail. GoDaddy is our first recommendation, as they offer 24/7 support and can help with configuring smart phones and tablets.
  • Thanks for understanding —

How we work best:

Whether you are a business or a non-profit organization, we work best with a single point of contact. Otherwise it can get confusing if we get conflicting requests, or requests with different priorities. It helps you to have one person in your organization to go to and see what we are working on.

[Thank you] In conclusion:

Thank you for considering us to solve your Internet media marketing needs. We hope this FAQ page helps save us both time in determining whether we are a good fit. If you think we would be a good match, or just have more questions, please call or email us. If you send us the following information below, that will help speed up the process. THANK YOU !

  • Your current website address, and / or website you want your site to look like.
  • A brief description of what you are looking for in your website.
  • Your time frame for when you would like to start the project.

— Dean Tripodes
Baywalk Marketing