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  • Shared feature promotions may be combined with appropriate banner ads from other advertisers.
  • Exclusive feature promotions include only your advertisement and no other banner ads.
  • All promotions include the Baywalk brand icons at the bottom of the promotion.
  • We reserve the right to approve all promotions. Promotions and ads should be suitable for a PG-13 audience.
  • Promotions are purchased for one (1) North American Greek Segment.
Our targeted lists, Facebook fan pages, Twitter feeds, and Instagram are always growing !! We offer our services to promote organizations / products / services / events / news to the Greek North American population. We reserve the right to refuse any organization or marketing request. Thanks for understanding —

"HELP! Baywalk manages the Internet marketing for another company or non-profit I work with — or Baywalk hosts one of my non-profit groups or small businesses websites and they don't have a maintenance agreement. Or they haven't authorized money for this, but they said it's okay if you do it. Can you please post my flyer, send an email to the list, update our calendar event, help us with Tumblr and Google Calendar, etcetera? Can you help us with a free marketing promotion, or a donated / discounted website?"

[Contact us]

First, yes we can help — but there are literally hundreds of requests for free marketing promotions, website updates, changes, and even free websites each and every month! Wow! We wouldn't stay in business if we did all the freebies. We respect your organizations. We like what you do. We just can't do every freebie — It looks like we procrastinate, but in reality we are handling paying customers, and you still get frustrated because you don't get the work you want done.

What are the "rules" of freebies? First, paying customers always come first, and the freebie always comes last. If we give you an estimated date or time to do the work, and a paying customer contacts us, the freebie gets pushed back. Calling us repeatedly, emailing repeatedly won't move you up. It may cause us to withdraw our donation or freebie. — Don't worry, we will get to it, just not on your timetable.

Or if it's a website that's being discounted or donated because we are doing four or more websites for your organization — that discounted or donated website does not get the priority of the main account. It's considered a "freebie" and always gets the last priority.

Many people who request a freebie, discount, or donation don't realize they are creating their own frustration if they need prompt service and deadlines met. They are better off being a paying customer and getting the quality work they want on time.

"Who do you support?"

See Charities We Support.

"It's a worthy cause — a church, a charity, a deserving individual who needs help!"

Sometimes what you are asking for doesn't sound like a big deal. But what if your project involves four (4) hours of work at $125 per hour? Are you going to pay the $500? That way you are helping your charity, and we'd be glad to do it. Are you still interested in having it done if you have to pay?

Other times people who ask are salaried. We know what that's like — it has upsides and downsides. One great perk is that you get paid regardless of what you did that day. But if we help you with your project, we don't get paid for that time. So is it worth $500 of your money, and our time, for us to spend a half day to look at it?

Project Work
Thanks Baywalk for the half-day (or full-day) of work!


"We promise it's a smaller project, just a half-hour of your time. Can we buy you lunch (or dinner) for this?"
[Steak dinner]

We recently had a non-profit member say, "I owe you lunch (or dinner) for this. I wish I was closer so I could thank you." The lightbulb went off in our heads. Absolutely, you can buy us lunch — virtually. Call us first to see if we can do what you want, and we'll let you know if it's worth Lunch or Dinner for two.

Buy Us Lunch or Dinner
Thanks Baywalk for the Freebie!


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