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Many non-profits struggle with business decisions, because that isn't their focus - the charity's mission is the focus. What happens when budget gets allocated to salaries or other areas, or everything goes to the cause being helped, so the vendors (like Baywalk Marketing) don't get paid? Or what happens when the charity is run on a minimal budget, but their charity's leaders own homes, have jobs or retirement pay, and still don't want to pay for marketing?

We have had several charities go through this scenario, so we created the Business Helping Charity program. Members or volunteers of the charity can help their own organization's marketing, and then their favorite charity too by signing up for marketing for their business, and then the charity gets included at no cost to the charity.

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  • Shared feature promotions may be combined with appropriate banner ads from other advertisers.
  • Exclusive feature promotions include only your advertisement and no other banner ads.
  • All promotions include the Baywalk brand icons at the bottom of the promotion.
  • We reserve the right to approve all promotions. Promotions and ads should be suitable for a PG-13 audience.
  • Promotions are purchased for one (1) North American Greek Segment.
Our targeted lists, Facebook fan pages, Twitter feeds, and Instagram are always growing !! We offer our services to promote organizations / products / services / events / news to the Greek North American population. We reserve the right to refuse any organization or marketing request. Thanks for understanding —
Monthly Marketing Subscription - Business Helping Charity
Business Advertises for $400 Per Month, Charity's Marketing Covered Too
Monthly Marketing Subscription - Business Helping Charity

Baywalk Monthly Marketing Subscription

$400 for monthly marketing management for business client and charity included. Create one (1) advertisement per month if desired.

Promote one shared feature ad and 2 shared banner ads to our targeted e-mail lists. Promote feature ad to our Facebook fan page, Twitter, and Instagram. Promote ad to your social media, if desired. Requires that you provide access to your social media.

What is a feature ad?

What is a banner ad?


Includes initial conference call to define marketing goals, review competitive position in the marketplace, competition, pricing, and brand / company / charity awareness. Marketing campaigns can involve a series of advertisements. See example for Kosmos Insurance in our Portfolio - Insurance

The 3 promotions (1 feature ad, 2 banner ads) can be for either the company, the charity, or both. Unused promotions do not accrue to the following month.


No ad agency would stay in business if they were not paid. Why does this happen more with non-profits? An example we like to share with clients comes from the marketing classes we teach at the University of Phoenix. Non-profits need and want marketing, but they don't demand it — that means, they aren't willing to pay for it.

Needs, wants, and demands are basic marketing principles.

Needs are universal like hunger, thirst, and protection from nature. Hunger can be satisfied with food, thirst with water, and protection with clothing or shelter.

[Baywalk Marketing] Wants are preferences that you would like to meet your needs, whether or not you can afford it. For example Mercedes Benz automobiles for transportation, mansions in the suburbs for shelter, and exotic vacations for entertainment.

Demands are what you have both the desire and ability to pay for. So comparing the wants listed above, you may find that a Toyota meets your needs just fine for transportation, a townhouse in the city has other advantages for shelter, and a Netflix or Hulu subscription can more cost effectively meet your entertainment needs.


Baywalk Marketing reserves the right to refuse any marketing project or promotion request. For subscriptions, unused marketing, promotions, or obituaries do not accrue to the following month. Master Card, Visa, or American Express required for all marketing subscriptions. Prices subject to change without notice.
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